Banner Blindness - Causes and Solutions

Banner blindness or ad blindness is a phenomenon in web usability in which visitor to a website ignores banner like information consciously or sub consciously. As a result of website usability tests it has been found that a majority of the test subjects either consciously or unconsciously ignored information that was presented in banners. A study says that 86% of viewers suffer from banner blindness. As ad banners or call to action banners have become a very usual part of our website, out viewers take this very lightly. It is one of the reasons that viewers ignore these ad banners call to action banners.

Banner Blindness Problem and Solution
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Reasons of ad banner failure –

1. Choosing the wrong target audience – A thorough study of the target audience is a must. You must study first what king of people will be interested in your product or service. You must study the target audience on the basis of age group, sex, field of interests, economical status, educational status etc. and create your ad banners according to them to get the best output.

2. No focus on the needs of your potential customers - What is the best feature of your product or service? What benefits it is going to provide to your customer? Always concentrate on these points while creating an ad banner. Because viewers always looking for the benefit they will get out of your advertisement.

3. Not interesting look and feel – Keep the ad banner simple and contemporary. A neat and clean layout with 3 to 4 highlighted points or a punch line will make your message clear to the viewer. Always be careful while choosing the color and font face.

4. No emotional connection – Get connected with your viewers emotionally. Display your message/offer with images and texts in such a way that your viewers could connect themselves with it.

5. No call to action – A highlighted call to action is a must in an advertisement banner. Your viewer must be knowing what is to be done with this advertisement banner. How to proceed and how to contact or how to reach you to get your service or product.

6. Lack of curiosity – Do not put all your product or service in one go. Just highlight your best product or specific service and let the viewer find the rest of the information on your website or the landing page.

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